Mackenzie Patterson Hollibone

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My target 1000 kms

I am participating in a “walk for a kinder world” which is fundraising for flyhighbillie.

flyhighbillie empowers children to make a difference through human kindness. Your support will go to providing kindness workbooks and programs to children in Australian primary schools. These kindness resources help children to explore and express what it means to be kind. 

Our actions do matter and we each have the power to make a difference. Together we can spread kindness significantly reducing severe mental health issues, bullying, and suicide in children and young people.

Thank you to my Sponsors



Your an inspiration not only in my eyes but many other so amazing to see you doing such a beautiful thing. Your truly a rider and a person i aspire to become one day. thank you 😊 💓


Saskia J

You are so inspiring!