Ilsa Swann

For my 22nd Birthday, I am asking my friends and followers to donate

I don't know what I want for my 22nd birthday which is on the 25th of October and Fly High Billie is a charity which is very close to my heart. Billie's book has given me much needed comfort in tough times, ever since I received it from her family a 2019. I feel very connected to this charity as it aligns with what I'm passionate about. They also fundraise for service dogs for children with disabilities, which really touches my heart as I have Cerebral Palsy and epilepsy, it's incredible that such change and positivity has come out of such a tragic loss. 

If my friends and followers want to celebrate my birthday this year, please donate to this fundraiser. I would really appreciate it 🌻

Flyhighbillie empowers children to make a difference through human kindness. Your support will go to providing kindness workbooks and programs to children in Australian primary schools. These kindness resources help children to explore and express what it means to be kind. 

Our actions do matter and we each have the power to make a difference. Together we can spread kindness significantly reducing severe mental health issues, bullying, and suicide in children and young people.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Tony Mendes