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My target 160 kms

I am participating in a “walk for a kinder world” which is fundraising for flyhighbillie.

flyhighbillie empowers children to make a difference through human kindness. Your support will go to providing kindness workbooks and programs to children in Australian primary schools. These kindness resources help children to explore and express what it means to be kind.

Our actions do matter and we each have the power to make a difference. Together we can spread kindness and help to significantly reduce severe mental health issues, bullying, and suicide in children and young people.

To be able to make a difference in someone’s life through kindness is a gift. My name is Esha Thomas. I am 9 years old and I am a year 4 student. I am so grateful for your kindness, your support and your faith in me. 

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Thankyou so much ❤️

Sunday 14th Nov

We are so grateful for the amazing and incredible support Esha has received for such a wonderful charity. Thankyou, Billie, for blessing our family as well. What an amazing and inspiring child you are, and always will be! 

As Esha says, “the best solution to negative things is positive things” Through a challenging time for us, something so beautiful has been achieved. It has been rewarding, humbling and empowering. We have been so grateful for your love and support. It has brought light and joy to our lives, through lockdown and beyond. 

With our deepest thanks and love, 

Esha’s Dad & Mum. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Daddy & Mama

We are SUPER DUPER proud of you, Esha. You inspire us everyday with your kindness, courage and goodness. Shine your light wherever you go, with love and compassion. You are worthy and you matter. Rock on, baby girl ✌🏾❤️ Daddy & Mama


Katina Kotsifakis

Hello Easha Its katina,I hope you reach your goal,Good luck. This course is very inspiring.


Sahara Taylor

Dear Esha, What a wonderful cause and an effort by you. Very proud of your work . Sahara


Lyly Quach

Great work Esha, very inspiring.


Mat Mathew

Best of luck Esha


Bassem Dawood

Well Done Esha.


Cate And Hannah

Great idea Esha! 160km is a lot of walking! See you soon at school.


Zoe Oza

Great initiative Esha!!!



Such kindness to reflect your beautiful nature. I hope you enjoy all the walking!


Hasini Epitawela

All the best Esha


Sue Foong

Hi Esha, good luck!



Well done Esha!


Kat Sutcliffe

Amazing work Esha! You should be proud of yourself!


Stephanie Defina

What a wonderful charity you are raising money for Esha! I admire your compassion and kindness.


Esha Thomas


Francesca Frederic

Esha! What an amazing opportunity to be involved in- spreading the news about human kindness. Reach for the stars, Esha!


Jayde Scoby-smith

This is a wonderful initiative Esha to support people who are less fortunate than us. I'm very proud of you for contributing so positively to the lives of others through kindness.


Anita M

You’re a true champion Esha - wish you great success all along the way! Always stand up for what is right!✌️




Caroline Renny


Mair Salvas

Good Luck Esha


Lilly Hamilton

Fantastic work Esha! You should be extremely proud of your efforts.



What a wonderful way to contribute to a great cause - I love fundraising walks too!


Niromi Maligaspe

Keep up the good work Esha


Evangelia Papazois

Well done Esha!


Charmaine Kenner

Kindness is cool, Esha, and you always show it! Congratulations! What a worthy cause!