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I am participating in a “walk for a kinder world” which is fundraising for flyhighbillie.

flyhighbillie empowers children to make a difference through human kindness. Your support will go to providing kindness workbooks and programs to children in Australian primary schools. These kindness resources help children to explore and express what it means to be kind. 

Our actions do matter and we each have the power to make a difference. Together we can spread kindness significantly reducing severe mental health issues, bullying, and suicide in children and young people.

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Thursday 14th Oct
Thanks to each and every one of you that's donated, I appreciate it so much ❤ 
I'm now a little over half way to my goal of $1000! 
Thanks to you all ❤❤

Spotted this cutie on my walk today ❤

Thursday 14th Oct

Hey 👋

Wednesday 13th Oct
Thanks so much for helping me hit the ground running with all your donations!
I know times are tough for everyone right now and if you're in Melbourne or have friends and family down here you know how long we have been locked down for. It's been a tough road for so many and this is why I chose to participate, as it is for a great cause and it costs nothing to be kind 🥰❤

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What a wonderful person you are xxxxx


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Angela Balfour


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