Amber Donnelley

I am participating in a “walk for a kinder world” which is fundraising for flyhighbillie.

flyhighbillie empowers children to make a difference through human kindness. Your support will go to providing kindness workbooks and programs to children in Australian primary schools. These kindness resources help children to explore and express what it means to be kind. 

Our actions do matter and we each have the power to make a difference. Together we can spread kindness significantly reducing severe mental health issues, bullying, and suicide in children and young people.

My Updates

Walk for Kindness - let’s do it for our kids 💫

Monday 31st Oct
Come along and join me to spread the word of Kindness! 
I’ll be walking  on Sat 5th Nov 6am from Kurrawa surf club! 
All donations will go to resources to help  our children acknowledge support and respond to others that may be dealing with anxiety, peer pressure, bullying, mental health and loneliness. We want to teach our children to look out for others and spread the word of Kindness -by building good relationships / friendships gives our children a better foundation for all round happiness ❤️ 

Thank you to my Sponsors




Jasmine Sargeant


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Tim & Sandy Roux

Kindness makes you beautiful 🥰



Choosing kindness always… 🥰


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Suzi Wilson

Sorry we can join you coach Amber x Zac and Ava


Corey Fitz

You are wonderful Ambs. ♥


Michelle Farrington

Great work Amber


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Well done Amber


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You are wonderful Amber..x