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connecting people around the world one kindness step at a time

13th November 2023 is world kindness day and flyhighbillie/b kinder foundation are so excited for this year’s “walk for a kinder world”.

walk for a kinder world is about walking with purpose. All you need to do is set up your fundraising page. You can decide how far you would like to walk during the month from 13th October – 13th November and ask friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you.

one small step of kindness, one giant leap for mankind

In 2021 we walked to the stars, 187,000kms and this year our walk for a kinder world is heading for the moon. 382,000kms. To quote Neil Armstrong “that's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” Then he added “For one priceless moment, all the people of this world are truly one”.

We would like everyone to participate in our walk for a kinder world and spread kindness, so all the people of this world are truly one.

about our kindness walk

Yes, we are counting kilometres but the aim is to spread kindness while participating in a walk to the moon together. Your walk can take place anywhere you like and we would love for you to take someone with you. Contribute as many kilometres as you want and secure your sponsors. Monies raised will ensure that our b kinder workbooks, kindness resources and online programs are made available to as many primary school children in Australia as possible. All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Please note that any sport you participate in can be used to log kilometres: One hour of any sport will be the equivalent to 3kms.

Schools walking for a kinder world

Schools are encouraged to set up a "team" registration allowing students to register and create their own profiles for fundraising as part of the team. In keeping with the grade 5 unit of work “space”, we thought a fundraising "walk to the moon", 382,000kms would be a fun addition to their subject. Every $20 raised by the school can be used by them to purchase their own b kinder workbooks. Please note that any sport that students participate in can be counted and used to log kilometres: One hour of any sport will be the equivalent to 3kms.

Download your Fundraising Kit

Arndell Anglican College - walk for a kinder world 2021

how to get involved


Registeration is free. Select how far you would like to walk and your fundraising target.

You will receive a fundraising page and online dashboard where you will also have access to our Facebook page. You will also find fundraising resources to help you set up everything you need.

track your progress

Once you have chosen your date/dates and walking locations, you can log your kilometres via your online dashboard. You can set your milestones and you will see your achievement badges light up as you go. You can also watch the overall kilometres grow as we walk for our kinder world.

connect & share

Connect with friends, family and colleagues and ask them to sponsor your walk. Share on social media using the variety of templates in the resources section. Please tag all your social media posts with #bkinderwalk

spreading kindness while you walk

A few suggestions to spread kindness while you walk:

• You could leave a kindness card in someone’s postbox.

Purchase your packs of kindness cards here.

buy cards now

• You could purchase some sunflowers and hand them to strangers as you walk
• Give compliments to strangers you pass
• Just smile at someone to make their day

Maybe you could encourage your grandparents to walk around the garden, take your neighbour for a stroll down the road? Take the dog, the horse or the rabbit . . . get everyone involved.

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