fundraising information

fundraising information

Follow our six easy steps to begin your kindness journey

Make it personal
Once you have registered you will get your own fundraising page. You can personalise this by uploading your own profile picture. You can also add to your page and let people know why you are participating in the walk for a kinder world.

Go the extra mile
Get the ball rolling by donating to yourself on your page. If you commit, it is more likely others will commit to you too.

Share your story
You may have a personal story that you would like to share. In order to gain support you need to tell as many people as you can about your walk. Share to everyone you know and reach out on Facebook and Instagram. The more you share the more awareness you will get and hopefully this will result in more donations.

Connecting through kindness
Try and get everyone involved. You could approach your place of work and ask your employer if they would like to match employee donations or if not make a personal donation? You could also ask to promote your page on your company’s social media and/or their newsletter/notice board.

Join our Facebook group
You can also join our facebook group. This will keep you up to date on how the walk for a kinder world is growing and also get tips for your walk and to help with fundraising. Don’t forget #bkinderwalk

A big thank you
You will have the opportunity to thank everyone that has donated to you by leaving a thank you message on your fundraising page.