b kinder initiatives

b kinder day

b kinder day is an annual worldwide day on June 22nd. The purpose of the day is to discuss kindness, empower and inspire children/people and remind us all that our actions do matter and that we each have the power to make a difference through human kindness.

b kinder workbooks

The b kinder workbooks are unique, positive, tangible, interactive learning tools that have been designed with the help of teachers and psychologists to initiate questions and ask what it means to be kind. These workbooks and associated units of work perfectly align with the PDHPE curriculum for Primary Schools incorporating the core values with an emphasis on kindness. The activities within the b kinder workbooks also support teachers to meet the specific learning outcomes for each stage associated with the Personal and Social Capability, one of the General Capabilities outlined in the Australian Curriculum.

b kinder sunshine initiative

The b kinder sunshine initiative was launched in February 2021. The aim was to send “a little bit of Australian sunshine to children in the UK”. Unlike here in Australia, the primary school students in the UK went through lockdown during a long cold dark winter. Using the flyhighbillie/b kinder foundation b kinder greeting cards, students in Australia wrote kindness messages to students in the UK. The concept was to send a ray of sunshine, one kindness card at a time. Students discussed the meaning of empathy and were encouraged to consider what it is like to stand in someone’s shoes. The students in the UK then wrote back to the students in Australia. We encourage schools to participate in this initiative which will spread kindness and instigate some wonderful friendships around the world.

b kinder greeting cards

The b kinder greeting cards showcase Billie’s beautiful paintings, drawings and quotes. These wonderful cards are blank inside. These cards are connecting people and are spreading kindness messages all around the world. The b kinder greeting cards are also the main activity on flyhighbillie/b kinder foundation’s annual b kinder day. Students and people are encouraged to write or draw a message to someone they care about.

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b kinder storytime

b kinder storytime is an initiative that encourages children to write kindness stories for other children. These short stories can be about any topic as long as the underlying message is one of kindness. These stories are then read aloud by flyhighbillie/b kinder foundation’s wonderful storyteller. They are filmed and made available on the flyhighbillie/b kinder foundation YouTube channel as well as being posted on the flyhighbillie/b kinder foundation Facebook page. A kindness outcome is put to each story as well as the children’s names, age and location.

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